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    What to Do After a Car Crash

    Young Woman On the Phone After a Car Crash

    A Step-by-Step Guide No one ever plans to be in an accident. The nature of a car crash is that it is unexpected – and certainly unwelcome. The sad fact is, in 2020, there were 340,556 auto accidents that resulted in 212,143 injuries and 3,328 fatalities across The Sunshine State. The chances are that you will become involved in a car crash at some time in your life. Therefore, it pays to be prepared. Ligori & Ligori, Attorneys at Law in Tampa, Lakeland, Ocala and Key West, want you to…

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    7 Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Florida

    Stethoscope and judgement hammer.

    Human error and negligence are common facts of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. You have rights and options when you or a loved one become the victim of negligence and sustain injuries or loss of life. Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law serves the people of Florida with legal advice and representation for personal injury cases of many kinds. Personal injuries can happen as a result of many different circumstances. Every case is unique, so you need experienced Florida personal injury attorneys that can protect…

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    Why You Should Care About The Responsible Roadways Bill

    Sunset During a Storm on a Paved Road

    First, let us start by telling you what The Responsible Roadways Bill is… It’s a piece of legislation, also known as House Bill 719, that would make bodily injury coverage mandatory for auto insurance policyholders in the state of Florida. Gut instinct is probably to get upset that they are making something else required for insurance, but we’ll tell you why it could be good thing… The average person gets into 4 auto accidents during their lifetime. Pretty scary when you think of it that way. That’s why it’s important…

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    7 Reasons Why You Need a Ligori & Ligori Personal Injury Lawyer On Your Side

    Our Team

    There are many things to do after you’ve been injured. You have calls to make and appointments to keep, and all while trying to rest and recover. We can take care of your personal injury claim so you can focus on getting the medical care you need. But why choose Ligori & Ligori? Here are seven reasons. The Law is Complicated Our legal system consists of laws written in very complex terms with court processes that can be lengthy. It’s essential to understand how these laws apply to you and…

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    All Accident Injury Pain and Loss is Important

    Injured in a Car Accident Tampa FL

    The human spirit is often a formidable force that allows people to achieve amazing feats. Injuries suffered in an accident can lead to significant pain and discomfort, yet many victims continue fighting to live a normal life. There are also emotional, mental and financial losses associated with accident injuries that may result in everyday struggles. Victims of accident injuries may feel reluctant to discuss or disclose pain levels, even if the conversation is with a medical professional. However, hiding the impacts of injuries can lead to further complications in life.…

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    How to Know if You Have a Personal Injury Case

    Woman on Phone After Car Wreck

    Accidents are something we all hope to avoid, but accidents happen when we least expect them. If you or a family member have suffered an injury in an accident, there are certain criteria that have to be met in order to file a personal injury claim. This article will explain the criteria, and exactly what you can do to try and receive some relief. Who is at Fault? If you are injured as the result of someone else’s carelessness, you may have a personal injury claim. This type of carelessness…

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    5 Injuries Commonly Associated with Opioid Prescriptions

    Opioid medications are prescribed to treat moderate to severe chronic pain. These drugs require proper dosing and routine follow-up to ensure patients are managing their pain well and tolerating the medications. If this care is lacking, you may find yourself with an injury like one of those listed below. However, even with strict care, these strong medications can have lasting, negative effects. Drug manufacturers are now required to provide warnings, but sometimes these are not enough. Addiction One of the most common injuries associated with prescription opioid use is addiction.…

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    Nursing Home Neglect During COVID

    Nursing Home Neglect Tampa FL

    The decision to place a loved one in a long-term care facility is always a difficult one. We want what is best for our aging relatives, but many of us struggle with the ability to provide that care on our own. In these cases, we trust medical professionals to care for our loved ones in a professional manner. The pandemic has added an extra layer of worry, however, leading to catastrophic consequences in some cases. Nursing Home Deaths Increase During Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic, which has been raging around the…

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    How to Safely Enjoy the Holidays

    Holiday Activities Tampa FL

    The holidays are here, and that means more time spent shopping and traveling. Both of these activities can lead to different types of accidents, both in stores and on the roads. Here are some common holiday accidents and how to avoid them so you can enjoy the holidays with less stress. Increased Travel Dangers The holidays mean more cars will be on the roads, even during the current pandemic. Add unpredictable weather and distractions to the increased traffic and you have the recipe for disaster. Always strive to be safe…

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    Will Social Distancing Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

    Scales Of Justice Tampa FL

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Many services and industries have been negatively impacted by state-wide restrictions, leaving Florida residents unsure about current protocols. If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by another individual or entity, you can still seek legal representation. The world has changed in a lot of ways, and Ligori & Ligori has adapted preventive measures to ensure our clients still receive the full benefit of our services. Remote Consultation Through…

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    My experience with Ligori & Ligori was excellent. Their attention to detail and genuine concern for my situation showed that they truly cared about me as a client. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Ligori & Ligori to anyone needing help and direction after an auto accident.

    Alisabeth S.

    Ligori & Ligori is an amazing law firm. The employees take time with you to make sure that you truly understand the details of your case and why things are done a certain way to produce the best results. When calling, I always spoke to a person and on the off chance that a message was left, I received a return call promptly. I highly recommend Ligori & Ligori.

    Michael J.

    Mr. Ligori's firm took the time to explain the legal process and find another attorney in another county. If this law firm can go the extra distance for not even their client, imagine the dedication and expertise if you were their client.

    Angela K.

    I had an amazing experience with Ligori & Ligori law firm. They handled my case with such professionalism. From the very beginning by sending someone to my home to get details and interview me after my accident, to my case manager Rochelle who was always a call away and explained every step and made sure there was always transparency and kept me updated with everything. I can be very tough and I called way too many times with millions of questions and my calls were never unanswered and my questions and concerns were always answered. Thanks to their amazing team, from the receptionist to John Castro the lawyer on my case who was always personal and relatable. Highly recommended!

    Erica T.

    Amazing team of attorneys, paralegals and hard working professionals! They have produced and been there each step of the way to ensure my best interest was looked out for! If your in need of legal representation look no further!

    William M.

    Mr. Ligori and his staff were excellent and their customer service was without a doubt, outstanding. They go above and beyond when working on a one on one basis. They made sure I was satisfied and taken care of throughout the entire process. I highly recommend anyone in need of an attorney. They definitely exceed expectation.

    Sarah R.