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(813) 254-7119 6 Tips for Driving in the Rain
6 Tips for Driving in the Rain Tampa,  Florida

6 Tips for Driving in the Rain

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are on average more than 950,000 automobile crashes each year due to wet pavement, resulting in approximately 4,700 deaths and 384,000 injuries. However, these safety and insurance tips below should help guide you to a safe and knowledgeable driving experience. Take it seriously.Slow down, turn on your headlights, give a little extra room in front of you and watch out for deep pools of water when the road is wet. Turn off cruise control.On rain- or snow- slick surfaces, cruise control may…

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How To Choose A Personal Injury Attorney


If you’ve been injured in an accident, a personal injury attorney can help you deal with insurance companies and ensure that you receive fair treatment in settlement negotiations. On top of the benefits of experience and legal advice, you gain your biggest advocate throughout this process when you hire a personal injury attorney. If you’ve been hurt and you need a personal injury attorney, reach out anytime on my cell at 813-254-7119 or visit However, the process of choosing a personal injury attorney could be overwhelming, especially after going through a traumatic experience. After you have done…

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Hurricane Safety & Insurance Tips


Your home isn’t only where your heart is — it’s where your money is. It’s probably your most valuable investment, which is why you have a homeowners insurance policy to protect it. But what was once a straightforward arrangement has become less generous and more complicated insurance companies shifted risks and costs onto customers. Hurricane Safety Tips Make a Kit. Assemble an emergency preparedness kit in advance. Create a Plan. Create a household evacuation plan that includes your pets and then go over it with your family. Emotionally Prepare. Talk with your family about what to do…

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Florida Dog Bite Facts


Dogs can be our closest companions – in the United States, over 36% of households own at least one dog. Dogs have been proven to decrease stress, increase our exercise levels, and are playmates for children. But sometimes man’s best friend will bite. Although the idea of being bitten by a dog is scary, it doesn’t mean you need to avoid dogs completely. If you work or live around dogs, be aware of the risks and learn how to enjoy being around dogs without getting bitten. Emergency Facts Wash the…

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8 Bike Riding Safety Tips

Cyclist and the mountain view

Riding a bicycle is a fun, healthy, and great way to be independent, but it is important to remember that a bicycle is not a toy; it’s a vehicle!  In fact, the statistical report on unintentional injuries created by the National Safety Council reported that 488,123 people were treated in emergency rooms in 2015 after being injured riding a bicycle. The only sport resulting in more injuries overall was basketball, at 493,011. Football was third, at 399,873. These safety tips will help ensure a fun and safe bike ride. Wear a Helmet, Make Sure it…

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8 Pool Safety Tips

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There is no better way to escape from the heat than taking a nice dip in your pool. Backyard pools are a great way to unwind and relax with loved ones but can pose risks when people don’t follow the safety rules or guidelines. In fact, more than 3,700 people drowned in the United States in 2016, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports. Drowning deaths are particularly prevalent among babies and toddlers. It is the leading cause of preventable death for 1- to 4-year-olds in 2016. These 8 pool safety tips will…

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Back to School Safety: Road Rules

back to school written on the blackboard

School buses, crossing guards, and school zones should all be at the front of your mind as you hit the road the next few weeks. Just in case you need a refresher, here are a few back to school safety tips on things to watch out for: Children Walking to School Florida is the 2nd worst state for pedestrian accidents. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, speeding is a major factor in many accidents and can be deadly in those involving pedestrians. Motorists are less likely to see a pedestrian while speeding, and if…

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What To Do After A Car Accident

car accident

No one expects to get into a car accident, but no matter how safe of a driver you are, a split second can change your life forever. In 2009, roughly 26 people were injured in a car crash every hour in Florida. That means over 600 people per day are injured in a crash. Then in 2010, there were 17,480 traffic crashes in Hillsborough County alone, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. One of the Most Common Causes of Accidents is Negligence Unfortunately, one of the most common causes…

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Property Damage & Insurance Claim Issues

View of flooding downed trees

Although there are many benefits to living in the great state of Florida, there is one huge downside-storm & hurricane warnings, which lead to property damage. Property damage may come in many forms-Fire, Flood, Hurricane Damage, Storm Damage, Negligent Building Structure Practices etc. and as an insured policy holder, you are eligible for reimbursement based on your policy structure. Unfortunately, as we all know, this isn’t always the case and filing a claim while dealing with your insurance company can be a lengthy, drawn-out process. Many times, your claim may…

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Independence Day: Fun, Dangerous or Both?

USA flag and fireworks

The Fourth of July is a time of celebration among friends and family all across America. Over the weekend the smell of barbeque pits, the taste of cold beer and the sight and sound of fireworks will be a staple for most Americans. Though this is a time to rejoice, it is unfortunately also a time of great disaster on our nation’s roads. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Independence Day has been deemed the most consistently deadly day of the year! With close to 44.2 million people travelling around…

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