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Car Flood Damage Claims Lawyer

Residents of Daytona Beach are no strangers to the devastating effects of flood damage caused by hurricanes and other inclement weather. Sometimes, like during a major hurricane, the flood damage can extend across the state, while at other times it can be localized to large storm systems hovering over smaller areas. Regardless of which storm system creates the problem, it does not take much to end up with a damaged vehicle due to flooding. Even when a vehicle does not flood in the spot you parked it, it does not take much floodwater to move a vehicle, only to later drop it into an area where it becomes submerged.

The insurance companies have a duty to uphold the contract terms of your comprehensive flood insurance. However, when an entire community, and sometimes an entire state, submit flood damage claims at once, the settlement amounts can climb to unheard of amounts. Most companies understand the catastrophic damage and obstacles you face when submitting a claim post-flood. However, some do not, and become gatekeepers of information that can tie you up in a continuous request for more information. This may run down the clock on the insurer’s timeline for submissions. Hiring an experienced attorney can help you navigate the system and may achieve better results than if you go it alone.

Comprehensive Total Loss Car Claims Attorney

Comprehensive flood insurance is just that — a way to protect your financial investment in the event of a flood. When you have paid into this type of insurance, it is expected that the insurance company holds up their end of their bargain. But with confusing and sometimes contradicting rules regarding timelines and documentation, you are at a disadvantage. At a time when you are most vulnerable and trying to restore a sense of normalcy to your life, the last thing you want to be doing is arguing with your insurer.

Between the seemingly never-ending paperwork, special requests for extensions and the insurer’s insistence your vehicle is worth far less than its value pre-flood, you may decide it is easier to accept the settlement offered, even if you feel it is undervalued. This reduces the immediate burden on you, so you can focus on rebuilding. Some insurance companies know this and will provide lowball offers to reduce their overall payouts. You should not have to compromise what is best for you in order to make the insurer’s life easier.

Your Daytona Beach Flood Attorneys

Despite the insurers complex formulas and insurance-speak to try and get you to settle for less, it does not mean they have concluded the proper value the right way. Sometimes it is an honest mistake, but other times it is because they deny the reasoning for the increased value of the vehicle without a full investigation. The low settlement means you have to make up the difference when trying to find a replacement vehicle or settle for something that fits within the budget of the already low payment. The company may outright deny your claim for a variety of arbitrary reasons that could have been easily corrected if you were informed of the concerns during the process.

Our Daytona Beach flood attorneys can ensure the insurance company follows their own rules and timelines for communication, deadlines and submissions. We can help reduce the documentation errors that hold up the process and cut the red tape that is preventing you from receiving fair compensation for your flood-damaged vehicle. Sometimes we can effectively dispute an already denied claim, regardless of how hard the insurance company is fighting back. Having an experienced legal team on your side removes the gap between the insurance company and your best interests. You get peace of mind, knowing the insurance company is negotiating with someone on equal footing.

If you have experienced car flood damage in Daytona Beach, contact our Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law office today for a consultation.

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