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Falling Debris from Trucks Injury Lawyer

Large commercial trucks haul all types of materials and goods, from the groceries you eat to the lumber or metal needed for construction. One of the key safety measures required by truck drivers is ensuring their loads are secure and do not pose a risk of falling during transport. Unfortunately, if a truck driver is not meticulous about checking the load, there may be debris or materials that can come loose. If falling debris from a commercial truck causes an injury accident, the truck driver and others involved may be liable for the accident.

“Debris” that can fall off a commercial truck could be small or giant, depending on the materials being hauled. Flat-bed trailers may have materials tied down that can become loose and fall off onto the road. Dump trucks may have loose materials fly out and damage the vehicles behind them. Even closed trailers can lose items, and shifting items in the trailer can fly out the back doors and cause serious accidents. When these incidences occur and someone is injured, it is a complicated matter to determine who is at fault and should pay for the injuries caused by the falling debris.

Who Is At Fault for Unsecured Load Accidents?

First off, the driver of the truck is always partially at fault if they have an unsecured load that causes an accident. It is their responsibility to ensure their vehicle is safe whenever they get behind the wheel. However, there are others that may be liable in these types of accidents. The company that loaded the truck may be liable if they did not make sure it was secured. If the truck driver is employed or contracted through a trucking company, that company may be liable for accidents caused by their driver. These cases can be complex, which is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

At Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law, we have spent many years protecting the rights of our clients. If you were injured due to falling debris off a commercial truck, contact our office in Tampa today. We have the resources and experience needed to investigate your accident and help you obtain the best outcome in your truck accident injury claim.

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