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Falling Merchandise Injury Lawyer

Warehouse stores are popular, offering lower prices by saving on overhead by storing merchandise on-site versus a separate warehouse. While the prices may be alluring, there may be dangers lurking. Merchandise that is stacked and stored on high shelving poses a risk for shoppers if it falls. If a family member or you were seriously injured due to falling merchandise at a local Florida store, it may be possible to receive compensation for injuries.

Even paper towels can be dangerous when an entire pallet slips off a high shelf onto a customer. If the pallet is not properly secured or the shelving collapses, merchandise can come tumbling down on unsuspecting consumers. Retail store owners and their management have a responsibility to keep everyone in the store safe from injury. If negligence on the part of the store staff causes merchandise to crash down on a customer, the retail establishment is most likely liable for any injuries that occur.

Types of Falling Merchandise Accidents

It is not just large warehouse stores that can have falling merchandise injure a customer. Almost any store with on-site products can have falling merchandise accidents cause injuries. Grocery stores, malls and even convenience stores may have accidents occur that cause serious injuries due to unsafe merchandise. These accidents include:

  • Toppling stacks of products
  • Fallen merchandise that causes a trip/fall hazard
  • Shelves failing under too much weight
  • Unbalanced shelves tipping over
  • Merchandise falling due to lack of restraints

In most cases, falling merchandise injuries are covered under premises liability laws, and the store owner is liable. They may be required to pay medical costs, lost wages and other damages for injuries caused by falling merchandise. However, to receive the maximum payout, you need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. Contact Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law, and schedule a free consultation if you or a family member were seriously injured in a falling merchandise accident.

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