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    Ocala Personal Injury Lawyers

    If you have suffered personal injury in Ocala through no fault of your own, you can seek legal guidance and representation. At Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law, we are committed to giving back to our local communities. In many cases, personal injury lawsuits can benefit the wider public. When individuals or entities are held accountable for negligent action or inaction, it can be said that justice has been served.

    We believe in delivering an individualized legal strategy. Every client is different and deserves a tailored approach to representation. With attorneys from Ligori & Ligori by your side, you are assured that every effort will be made to reach a satisfactory conclusion to your case.

    Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuits

    Accidents involving motorcycles, cars or trucks can result in serious injuries or fatalities. When collisions lead to huge medical costs and other losses, you can rely on Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law to aggressively pursue fair compensation. You should not have to bear the burden of expenses related to an accident that you did not cause.

    It is important to consider all costs associated with a motor vehicle accident, including any future loss of earnings. There is emotional and psychological fallout from an accident, as reliving events and coping with injuries can cause trauma. Relationships may eventually begin to suffer under the strain. Predicting the ripple effect that an accident may have on your life won’t be easy, which is why Ligori & Ligori offers a free consultation where you can discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

    Property Storm Damage Claim

    Has your property recently suffered damage in a storm? If you are experiencing issues with a property insurance claim that has been delayed, denied or you were offered a lower amount than expected, Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law may be able to help. Bad faith claims can arise for several reasons and dealing with insurance providers is not always as straightforward as you would expect.

    Our dedicated attorneys can help you settle a dispute with the best legal representation possible. We will review your case as part of a free consultation to determine the best way forward, whether you are dealing with a bad faith insurance claim or would simply like to speed up the process.

    Serious Dog Bites

    Injuries resulting from a serious dog bite can have life-changing implications. If you were legally on a property when the attack occurred, you may have a case for compensation in Florida. There are defenses to serious dog bite lawsuits, so it is important to speak to an experienced attorney before the statute of limitations runs out.

    You have four years from the time a dog bite occurred to file a lawsuit in the Florida court system. If you need advice and representation in Ocala, Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law is here to help. We are passionate about doing our part to make local neighborhoods safer for everyone. Holding negligent dog owners responsible plays a major role in that commitment.

    Compensation for Injury Through Negligence

    Negligent action or inaction can result in serious injury to innocent parties. At Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law, our team represents clients from Ocala, Florida, with compassion and understanding. Whether you are pursuing compensation for nursing home neglect, premise liability, defective product liability or injuries relating to any other type of negligence, we would like to hear from you today.

    Contact the offices of Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law today to arrange your free consultation at (352) 437-6990. We are ready to help you take that first step toward potentially securing the compensation you deserve.

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    "El bufete del Sr. Ligori se tomó el tiempo para explicar el proceso legal y encontrar otro abogado en otro condado. Si este bufete de abogados puede hacer un esfuerzo adicional por su cliente, imagine la dedicación y la experiencia si usted fuera su cliente."
    Angela K.

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    My experience with Ligori & Ligori was excellent. Their attention to detail and genuine concern for my situation showed that they truly cared about me as a client. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Ligori & Ligori to anyone needing help and direction after an auto accident.

    Alisabeth S.

    Ligori & Ligori is an amazing law firm. The employees take time with you to make sure that you truly understand the details of your case and why things are done a certain way to produce the best results. When calling, I always spoke to a person and on the off chance that a message was left, I received a return call promptly. I highly recommend Ligori & Ligori.

    Michael J.

    Mr. Ligori and his staff were excellent and their customer service was without a doubt, outstanding. They go above and beyond when working on a one on one basis. They made sure I was satisfied and taken care of throughout the entire process. I highly recommend anyone in need of an attorney. They definitely exceed expectation.

    Sarah R.