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Car Flood Damage Claims Lawyer

Major weather events are not unique to Florida, but we do have more than our fair share. Tropical storms, hurricanes and localized storms causing flash flooding contribute to massive property losses every year. Anyone who has been through a flooding event in Palm Coast understands the importance of proper insurance that covers flood damage. When you consider all your different pieces of property, carrying comprehensive car flood damage makes good sense.

With this type of coverage to back you up, you feel assured that your needs are taken care of, and your insurance company will honor their contracts. Most insurers do, but not all insurance companies work the same way. Unfortunately, in a time of high losses, there is a corresponding high rate of insurance claims, and the insurers are faced with a significant cut to their profit margins.

Having an experienced team of lawyers like Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law on your side may improve your chances of a timely and fair claim settlement, because we hold the insurance companies accountable to the terms of their policies as well as the law.

Comprehensive Total Loss Car Claims Attorney

When an insurance company opens an investigation into your claim, it is not an indication you have done anything wrong. Insurers have reasonable grounds to do their due diligence and ensure claims are legitimate. It is also important to remember that not all decisions or errors are malicious. Insurance companies are staffed by people, and mistakes do get made. The team at Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law can help ensure such mistakes either do not happen or are quickly corrected.

Legal Help in Palm Coast, Florida

Sometimes the insurer’s decisions are truly unfair and intentional. This is called acting in bad faith, and the insurer is not allowed to do this. Acting in bad faith can be as straightforward as denial of your claim without an investigation, but it can also be not communicating important information to you, not responding to your requests for information, missing their own deadlines and misrepresenting what your policy really says. They may also draw out the process with ongoing demands for proof, until you are so frustrated you are willing to receive any amount they offer, no matter how low.

If you feel your insurance company is acting in bad faith with your Palm Coast car flood insurance claim, contact the office of Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law today.

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"El bufete del Sr. Ligori se tomó el tiempo para explicar el proceso legal y encontrar otro abogado en otro condado. Si este bufete de abogados puede hacer un esfuerzo adicional por su cliente, imagine la dedicación y la experiencia si usted fuera su cliente."
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My experience with Ligori & Ligori was excellent. Their attention to detail and genuine concern for my situation showed that they truly cared about me as a client. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Ligori & Ligori to anyone needing help and direction after an auto accident.

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Ligori & Ligori is an amazing law firm. The employees take time with you to make sure that you truly understand the details of your case and why things are done a certain way to produce the best results. When calling, I always spoke to a person and on the off chance that a message was left, I received a return call promptly. I highly recommend Ligori & Ligori.

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Mr. Ligori and his staff were excellent and their customer service was without a doubt, outstanding. They go above and beyond when working on a one on one basis. They made sure I was satisfied and taken care of throughout the entire process. I highly recommend anyone in need of an attorney. They definitely exceed expectation.

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