Nursing home neglect and elder abuse cases are some of the most disheartening that our firm takes on. We believe that our elder loved ones deserve to be treated with respect. When we send a family member to a nursing home or elderly care facility they should receive the medical treatment they need, as well as proper food, cleanliness and nutrition. Unfortunately, it is estimated that one in three nursing homes partake in negligence, abuse or neglect of some kind.

In Florida, this problem is especially complex as there are over 168,000 Florida residents living in long-term care facilities. In 2010, the national census shows that Florida has around 3.3 million residents over age 65, meaning the number of people in nursing homes will only increase.

Nursing homes are supposed to be safe environments where elderly Floridians can live in security and dignity, but too often that’s not the case. In fact, Florida’s Long-Term Car Ombudsman Program reported that over 7,500 complaints concerning residents living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and adult family-care homes. Due to the breadth of the problem, federal and state laws create protections for nursing home residents, who are easily abused or neglected. Florida law sets standards for nursing homes, including residents’ rights with a goal of ensuring residents enjoy safe and adequate care. Most importantly, it provides for claims against nursing homes when a resident’s rights are violated or when they are injured.

The federal government, the Elder Justice Act, seeks to coordinate elder abuse prevention efforts, while federal civil rights laws also guarantee that nursing home residents receive equal access and accommodations without regard to race, color or national origin.

Has Your Loved One Been Neglected in a Nursing Home?

A victim of nursing home neglect may be entitled to financial damages for the injuries they have suffered. By contacting a nursing home neglect attorney at Ligori & Sanders, Attorneys at Law, you can find out what legal rights you have. There are many options available in taking legal action against the facility or caregiver responsible for the neglect or abuse. We offer a free consultation to help you get started and represent clients throughout Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas from our offices in Tampa, Florida.

Signs of Nursing Home Negligence

There are specific signs that you can watch out for that may indicate nursing home negligence. It is important to know that your loved one may not say anything about their treatment outright. By keeping an eye out for signs of negligence and then taking action if you notice anything, you can help ensure that your loved ones rights are protected.

Possible signs of neglect and/or abuse:
Sudden changes in mood Depression
Injuries that cannot be explained
Weight loss
Sexually transmitted diseases
Your loved one should not have to deal with this any longer, and a lawyer can help you bring the facility to justice for their negligence.

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