There is a chance that the Social Security Administration will turn down your initial claim for benefits. This is increasingly probable if you do not have a lawyer at your side to properly file your claim and provide sufficient evidence for your benefits. Even if you have already been turned down, the lawyers at our firm have experienced success in appealing these decisions and submitting your application for reconsideration. An Administrative Law Judge Hearing may be our chance to present your case to a real person who will hear our case and possibly overturn the denial.

Have your Social Security claims been denied?

Are you tired of waiting for your benefits? Consulting an attorney may be the right option for you. At Ligori & Sanders, Attorneys at Law we assist clients in appealing denied claims as well as filing their first claim for disability benefits. With our experience and knowledge in this field, we are able to effectively represent our clients’ interests and assist them in acquiring the benefits they so desperately need. In fact, we offer a free initial consultation with a Tampa social security disability attorney at our firm to help you get started.

Social Security Disability is meant to help people who are disabled and are therefore no longer able to work. At our firm, we believe that your right to Social Security should not be infringed upon in any way. Although it may seem a daunting task, especially if your application has already been denied, we know how the process works and will fight to help you receive the benefits you are due.

How to apply for social security disability

Must have an injury that prevents you from working
To qualify, you must have worked 5 of the last 10 years
Seek medical treatment within a year of applying for SSD
Consult a Tampa personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, whether you are applying for the first time, or appealing. Most people are denied the first time, and you only have 60 days to appeal. Make sure you pay attention to dates so you do not have to reapply.

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Although a slip and fall accident may not seem very serious, it may actually cause painful and debilitating injuries or even death. Common injuries associated with slip and fall and trip and fall accidents include: broken hips, broken wrists and arms, sprains, fractures, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries and head and brain injuries. A severe slip and fall may result in the victim hitting his or her head violently against the ground, and this may lead to a concussion or possibly a coma.

Injured in a Tampa Slip and Fall Accident?

Were you injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property? This may mean that you have grounds for a premise liability claim, which can be filed against a property owner for negligence in keeping his or her property grounds safe from hazardous conditions. A Tampa slip and fall attorney at the Law Offices of Keith Ligori can review the circumstances of your accident to determine whether you may be entitled to file a claim and recover financial damages for your injuries. It’s important to contact a lawyer immediately, as the burden of proof can sometimes be on you. A slip and fall accident may occur because of a wet floor, uneven walkway, poor lighting, standing water, ice, object in the walkway or freshly waxed floor. Property owners have an obligation to fix hazardous conditions that exist on their property or post a warning sign if it cannot be addressed immediately. Their failure to do so can result in serious injury, and slip and fall victims have the right to seek financial compensation for what they have endured.

At Ligori & Sanders, Attorneys at Law, we represent clients throughout Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas in slip and fall accident cases. We offer a free case evaluation to get the process started, and we will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns at that time. In working with a Tampa slip and fall attorney at our firm, you can feel confident that our firm will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and maximize your monetary compensation.

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