Florida is one of the top 4 states for pedestrian accidents. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, speeding is a major factor to many accidents and can be deadly in those involving pedestrians. Motorists are less likely to see a pedestrian while speeding, and if they do they may not be able to avoid hitting them. Even at the low speed of 40 MPH, a pedestrian has an 85 percent chance of death when struck by a vehicle.

A pedestrian may be involved in an auto accident in several ways. These accidents can occur in an crosswalk intersection, in a parking lot, sidewalk, urban or rural area. Pedestrian accidents are particularly serious because they involve a human being pitted against a motor vehicle that may weigh in excess of 2,000 pounds. Often, pedestrians sustain catastrophic injuries and may lose their lives, even in traffic collisions that occur at low speeds.

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A pedestrian may sustain any of a number of serious injuries in an accident, including head or brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, crushing injuries, lacerations, damage to internal organs, and much more. These may require extensive medical care, surgery, physical therapy and reconstructive surgery – all of which are expensive and may cause the victim to miss work for long periods of time. In some cases, the victim may never be able to work again or enjoy life as he or she used to.

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