Tips to Help Your Teen Driver

Ready or not, your teen is ready to start driving. Giving them that much responsibility and freedom can be nerve racking. However, setting a positive example and stressing a few key safety precautions can make all the difference for your teen driver.

Limit the Number of Friends in the Car

According to the AAA Foundation, approximately 60 percent of teenage-related crashes are caused by distracted driving. But these distractions aren’t restricted just to friends inside the car. In face, having a single teen passenger in your car can double the risk of causing a car accident. Adding additional teen passengers causes the risk to escalate. Setting a limit on the number of teens in the car or requiring approval of additional passengers could drastically help your teen from being distracted.

Drive New local Routes with Your Teen

If your teen has an after-school job or autumn sport that requires a bit of a drive, practice the route with them. This lets you know what hazards are on that route. Everyone knows that most accidents don’t happen that far away from the house. By practicing routes your teen will be taking often, you can not only warn them about potential hazards in the area, but you can help them work on skills they may need to improve.

Set the GPS Before Driving

A GPS can be just as distracting as a cell phone. That is why it is important to establish the habit of inputting your destination and configuring your preferred setting prior to driving. Always advise your teen not to input new or additional information while driving and risk driving distracted.

Set the Example

The best way to teach them how to stay safe is to demonstrate good habits of your own. While teenagers might not deliberately model their behavior after you, they will unconsciously pick up habits. So no cell phone, set your gps, and don’t get distracted!

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