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True or False- Personal Injury Questions

Here are some common personal injury questions either affirmed or debunked.

Before you decide whether or not to pursue a personal injury claim make sure you have all the facts you need. Call Ligori & Sanders, Attorneys at Law if you have another further questions.

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True Or False?

False: In most personal injury cases, the court system is a last resort. Most personal injury claims do not need to be litigated, as they are settled privately. Plaintiffs and insurance companies generally prefer this, as it is cheaper and more effective for all involved.

False: They are if you are not an attorney. Ligori & Sanders, Attorneys at Law specializes in personal injury cases, and most settle in about 12 months. Some cases can take longer, especially if there is a concern over liability, but this is not the norm. Another complicating factor is severe injury. To help keep your case on track, it is important to hire a lawyer who is competent and prepared.

True: Unfortunately, insurance companies want to settle for less money, no matter what that means for you. Before you accept an offer, talk to an attorney at Ligori & Sanders, Attorneys at Law, to make sure you are getting what you need to recover.

True: Though many people believe personal injury law is corrupt, your compensation is based directly on your financial and non-financial damages.

False: In some cases, there is abuse in personal injury law, just like in any other profession. However, the amount of abuse is highly exaggerated in the media. Despite a few bad apples, it is a small price to pay to preserve justice for those who are truly injured.

True: The law is on the side of the workers, but too often wronged workers do not know this. In many cases, they will not pursue a case for fear of being fired.

False: If you are injured, seek medical treatment. Regular medical treatment will create expert documentation of the injury and necessary treatment, which will be useful in your case.

False: Both federal and state law ensure the protection, safety, and justice of all individuals and organizations. Violators of those laws are subject to penalty.

True: Competent legal counsel may be the single greatest factor in winning your case. There is no substitute for the expertise and knowledge of a Tampa personal injury attorney, like Keith Ligori.

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