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Two flooded cars.

Flooding is a risk no matter where you live in Florida. Between the tropical storms, hurricanes and localized thunderstorms, floods can happen anywhere, including areas that have not flooded in the past. Even if you have never experienced a flooding disaster, you are aware of areas of the state where one of the most destructive forces of nature has taken its toll. Ruined homes and businesses, damaged infrastructure and submerged cars are a common sight.

It is for this reason that Floridians often choose to prepare by carrying comprehensive flood insurance, even on their vehicles. This provides peace of mind that if the unthinkable happens, and a car is destroyed by floodwaters, there is a remedy to replace it. The actual replacement value will differ from case to case, but the insurance company has an obligation to investigate your claim. They are also expected to offer a reasonable amount of money when all factors are accounted for. Unfortunately, not all insurers are fair-minded when it comes to car flood damage claims.

Fair and Consistent Claims Processing

While most insurance companies will be consistent and fair when handling claims, the large number of claims following a flooding event can cause some insurers to work to protect their bottom line. When they work to keep their profits up, it ends up costing you money in the form of low settlement offers or outright denial of claims.

Not everything an insurance company does means they are acting in bad faith. It is expected they will open an investigation to determine if the claim is valid. This is not an indication you have done something wrong. It is the insurer’s responsibility to do their due diligence and prevent fraudulent claims. It does not mean they intend to do anything malicious.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices

When an insurance company does things with the intent of frustrating the process or inappropriately denying the claim from the outset, they may be acting in bad faith. This means their treatment of your claim is both unfair and unreasonable from a legal point of view. Bad faith practices can cause you more harm on top of the damages you have already endured. The loss of your vehicle may affect your ability to work, perform regular activities like grocery shopping and add a layer of stress to an already difficult situation.

Bad faith insurance practices can include:

  • Failing to be upfront about the policy conditions when you purchase the insurance
  • Not making a prompt and fair settlement offer once damages are confirmed
  • Missing deadlines or withholding communications
  • Refusing to pay a claim without investigating
  • Limiting the investigation in a way that allows for inconclusive results
  • Offering a settlement inconsistent with the true value of the vehicle
  • Failing to provide explanations for decisions, or not making decisions at all
  • Continuing to demand proof of damages or loss when they are already clearly established

These are not the only ways an insurer can act in bad faith. A legal representative can help determine if the insurance company is acting in a way inconsistent with industry standards and legal regulations.

Help for Florida Car Flood Damage Claims

If you believe your car flood insurance claim is being mishandled due to unfair practices, Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law can help you explore your legal options. As a personal injury and property loss firm, we understand the bad faith tactics companies can use, and we can also evaluate when an honest mistake is holding up your claim. Regardless of the circumstances, Ligori & Ligori can work to hold the insurance companies accountable and protect your interests. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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