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Children at Daycare

Parents entrust their children – the most precious part of their lives – to daycare providers every week. So naturally, injuries to the children when in childcare are disturbing and frightening. However, if your child was harmed in a daycare center due to lack of supervision, negligence or abuse, you can sue the facility for compensation to cover medical expenses.

What if You Signed a Waiver?

Many childcare centers require parents to sign a waiver of liability. However, these documents do not exclude you from suing them. As a parent, you have the right to sue the daycare center for your child’s injuries.

The waiver may not stand up in court because childcare facilities are a state-regulated enterprise. A child wounded by negligence or abuse is entitled to compensation for medical bills and other problems like life complications (for example, lost wages if you need to care for the child).

What is Negligence?

Daycare providers must ensure the well-being of the children entrusted to their care. Many parents do their homework to find the most excellent childcare option and trust that the business they choose will be safe. While accidents may happen, when a child is hurt due to hazardous circumstances or mistreatment, the daycare may be liable for damages.

Some factors that may constitute negligence include:

  • Staff negligence
  • Oversight failure
  • Lack of thorough background checks on staff and volunteers
  • Failure to obtain the child’s medical history
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Safety code violation
  • Disregarding evident signs of injury or illness and neglecting to give a written record of how the harm occurred
  • Failure to store medications and dangerous chemicals out of reach of youngsters
  • Leaving a child in a car alone
  • Disregard to the use of safety restraints with minors in non-exempt vehicles
  • Failure to monitor other children’s actions

It is understandable if you are upset about your child being injured at daycare. The expert attorneys at Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law can help you file a lawsuit if you believe the harm was caused by negligence, unsafe conditions or abuse.

Why You Should Pursue Compensation

It is in your and your children’s best interest to seek compensation because they may need ongoing treatments, which will be costly. Furthermore, notifying authorities helps keep other children safe.

What You Need to do When You Realize Your Child has Been Injured

Firstly, please pay close attention to the condition of your children when they return home from daycare. If something has happened, you want to catch it right away and take the following steps:

  1. Document the injury and file a police report. It can serve as an accurate record.
  2. Get treatment to mitigate your child’s injuries and keep all the receipts for medical care and related costs.
  3. Consult an experienced daycare injury attorney like Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law.

We will not let a daycare provider get away with neglecting or abusing your children. If you believe the facility failed to uphold its duty of care, contact our team today so we can explore your options and help you and your child get what is deserved. Call our Tampa office to schedule a free consultation for legal advice.

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