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The whole world relies on a utility grid for power. Underground electricity cables run throughout our cities and into our homes, apartments and office buildings.

With so much energy surrounding us, it is nearly inevitable that an electric shock will wound someone. Still, it is usually the result of a careless property owner, a hazardous product or poor building design.

Catastrophic injuries like those caused by electrical shock often require long-term medical attention and therapy. Furthermore, the victim can be left with a permanently altered body. So, not only do they lose work time and the ability to take pleasure in daily activities, but they are left with scars or other complications from the injuries for the rest of their lives. Therefore, electrical injury victims should know their legal alternatives, primarily if someone else’s negligence caused their injuries.

How Can Negligence Result in an Electrical Injury?

Negligence in electrical product production or failing to notify the unwary of the danger of electric shock is often the cause of electrical injuries. There is enough current in even the tiniest electrical appliance to produce severe burns and electric shock.

Electrical currents can be found in any environment, but precautions are taken to keep humans safe. Nevertheless, it is possible to get an electrical injury if you come into contact with a live wire, an electrical panel that is not adequately grounded or if you use a risky outlet.

Electrical Currents Can Cause Third-Degree Burns and Organ Damage

The degree of burns caused by fire or electricity is variable. To classify burns, one looks at how much damage is done to the underlying tissue and how far down the burn goes. For example, the skin and external tissues are affected by first- and second-degree burns, whereas deeper tissues, including muscle, nerve and bone, are affected by third-degree burns.

Electrical burns can cause third-degree burns and damage to internal organs. Any serious burn recovery like this may necessitate skin grafts, surgery, drugs and long-term therapy, all of which are associated with significant discomfort, disfigurement and an increased risk of infection. Furthermore, damage from electrical or heat burns is likely to be long-lasting, affecting both the body and the psyche.

Other Injuries that Electrical Currents Can Cause

Electric shock intensity depends on current type and voltage. In some situations, a victim’s heart illness can predate cardiac arrest. Otherwise, most of the harm from being shocked is internal and must be identified and treated by a doctor.

Electrical accidents can also cause paralysis, nerve damage, organ injury, fall-related brain injuries and soft tissue damage. All these injuries require medical treatment and may require hospitalization, several surgeries, physical and cognitive treatment and home modifications.

Electrical injuries are liable based on the cause and who should have prevented them. However, if you have been injured, we can help you investigate your options for obtaining compensation to help you get your body and life back in order. In the case of a severe burn injury caused by someone else’s careless behavior, contact our legal team at Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law today.

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