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Fire Fighters At Work On The Vehicle Accident

Common Types of Trucking Accident Injuries

Large trucks carry the potential for serious injuries due to their size and weight. A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds. This increases the risk for serious accidents if the truck strikes another vehicle at almost any speed. Trucks can also lose their loads, allowing heavy objects to collide with other vehicles and cause injuries.

With an average of over 15 million trucks on the road across the country every day, and around 200,000 of them in Florida, it is no wonder that The Sunshine State is a leading location for truck accidents. Ligori & Ligori, truck accident attorneys in Tampa, FL, routinely handle many truck accidents each year. Below are some of the most common types of trucking accident injuries we encounter.

Traumatic Brain Injuries/TBI
Injuries to the head and neck are all too common in trucking accidents. The impact of a heavy truck on a smaller vehicle can overwhelm even the strongest safety mechanisms, causing tremendous damage to a vehicle and its occupants.

Crush Injuries
Many times, a heavily-loaded truck runs into and over a smaller vehicle, crushing the occupants inside, requiring them to be cut out of the vehicle. Crushed arms, legs and other body parts are common, and extensive reconstruction or even amputation is often needed.

Puncture Injuries
Often, objects from the vehicle or the truck will penetrate the vehicle and puncture the occupants, causing significant wounds and bleeding that pose immediate risks. Internal injuries from foreign objects puncturing the body cause even more serious complications and urgency for immediate medical treatment.

Back and Spinal Injuries
The back and spine can be seriously injured by the incredible force from the impact that is typical with truck accidents. Fractured vertebrae are not uncommon, and paralysis is a great risk. Many of these types of injuries can result in permanent damage and life-long disabilities.

Broken Bones
Broken and shattered bones are very common injuries in truck accidents. The harsh impact forces serious breaks and fractures to bones in the arms, legs, back, shoulders, ribs and hips.

Fatalities are all too common as a result of truck accidents. The catastrophic forces at work with the impact of a heavy truck often cause such damage that immediate death is a result.

Compensation for Common Florida Truck Accident Injuries

Most truck accident injuries will require extensive medical treatment and ongoing care, sometimes for a lifetime. And of course, nothing can replace a loved one who died as a result of the accident. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit for compensation after the accident may provide the financial resources to cover your medical expenses and therapies. You can also win compensation for lost wages while you recover, pain and suffering, property damages and other losses.

Ligori & Ligori is a Florida personal injury law firm with offices in Tampa, Lakeland, Ocala and Key West to serve you. Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and losses that are difficult to bear and overcome. A trucking accident injury lawsuit could recover compensation to make that process somewhat easier. Contact one of our offices today if you or a loved one are involved in a truck accident in Florida.

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